Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Year 2!

Because of the time of year Nate and I got married - our "early" years were always marked by the beginning of a new year of continuing education. During the second year, we began our junior year of college. Nate made me wait until Thanksgiving to decorate the house for Christmas. Then in January, 2007 - we went on a January term trip to London for 2 and a half weeks. Although the memories and experiences from this trip are amazing - truth be told, I would very much like to burn every single picture with me in them. My love affair with the brownies led to 30 pounds and suffice it to say, short haircuts look better on Hollywood size -3 models. Oh well, it was what it was. Beginning in February (it is no coincidence that I was motivated to action AFTER seeing the London pictures) I began a 10 month journey with Weight Watchers and letting no scissors near my hair. Another not so fun thing that happened during 2007 was my lovely case of giardia (you know, since I drink out of stangnant puddles all of the time). By the time summer rolled around - things were looking up. Nate had an internship that he did at the school and began studying like a wild-man for the MCATs, while I had a horrible summer working at the CVS. By the time August rolled around yet again, we were ready to continue on the journey leading to now.......

My grandparents gave us a week in their condo in Maine so that I could eat all of the lobster I pleased. It was a GREAT week. By day four, Nate couldn't handle any more lobster - and by day 7, even I had my fill! It was a very fun trip. We went to Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and then finished out the week with a trip up to Niagara Falls (previously unplanned!) Another year down! Another year more in love with the cute little man I call my husband!

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