Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Year 4!

Year four saw us adjusting to our time and life in Greenwood. Nate began med school and I settled in to my job. I polished up my laundry skills trying to get the cadaver smell out of scrubs from Nate's anatomy class. We traveled with grandma and grandpa to Arizona and had some fun in the sun. We rode in a hot air balloon and visited some family. In March they downsized my company and I lost my job. I spent much of the rest of the year unemployed and wandering. We had some "personal" issues as well with the loss of our first pregnancy. On the bright side, our marriage strenghtened and we found a church.

Nate and I got rid of the Saturn, it was a sad time. The Saturn gave us one last gift of some money to take an anniversary vacation of fun. Nate planned a great and amazing trip that included Gettysburg, PA, Hershey, PA, Philadelphia, PA - and wrapped up in THE BIG APPLE - New York City. It was hands down one of the most fun experiences, EVER. By this point, I was blogging - so if you want to know more, refer to the archives.

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  1. So we got married the same year within months of each other, graduated almost the same year from college, both got laid off last year AND both got pregnant and almost the same time!! WEIRD. We have a lot in common well at least life experience wise.